EXPLORE curiosity with STEAM and beyond... 

Our Mission Statement 

The Scituate STEAM Collaborative is a community-based, volunteer-run organization that provides free STEAM opportunities to our students and community.  Our goal is to equalize access to fun, mentor-based and enhanced educational experiences, in collaboration with our community, to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Our Programs

The Scituate STEAM Collaborative engages our community through a variety of programs, each aligned with our mission and at least two of our pillars.  Those programs are:

     - S-Games

     - STEAMteam

     - Exploration Club

     - Mentorship

     - Science Spectacular​

Our Pillars

  1. Fun

  2. Inclusive

  3. Mentor-Based

  4. Educational

  5. Community Driven


Fun, Inclusive, Mentor-Based, 
Educational & Community Driven

Scituate STEAM Collaborative = Science + Technology + Engineering + Arts + Math

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