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Our Board 

President:  Cheryl Riedel    Cheryl@scituateSTEAMcollaborative.com

Co-Vice President:  Emily Grant    Emily@scituateSTEAMcollaborative.com

Co-Vice President:  Chrissy Lauer    Chrissy@scituateSTEAMcollaborative.com

Secretary:  Sarah Case    Sarah@scituateSTEAMcollaborative.com 

Treasurer:  Annie Powell   Annie@scituateSTEAMcollaborative.com

Committee Chairs and Liaisons 

Faculty Liaison:  Darlene Foley    dfoley@scit.org

Faculty Liaison:  Jen Henderson    jhenderson@scit.org

Faculty Liaison:  Liz Dorgan    ldorgan@scit.org 

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