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A design and engineering competition for students in grades 6-12.  In teams of up to 3 people, students are provided materials, guidelines and rules for the design and engineering competition. Each year brings a new project that combines a design and build portion and a physical challenge or race portion.  Prizes are awarded to winning teams in a number of categories.  Learn More


Open to students in grades 4-5, the 
STEAMteam focuses on the investigation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math through hands-on experimentation. Learn More

Exploration Club

The Exploration Club is for students in grades K-3, providing fun, hands-on, mentor-lead experimentation. Each week focuses on a different topics such as gravity, sharks, or robotics. Students interact with an expert in the field of discussion and then participate in a series of hands-on experiments.  Learn More


The Mentorship Program provides motivated students, grades 4 and above, an opportunity to work with peer and community mentors who will guide them through research and development of their own original experiment or engineering project, in time to exhibit at the Scituate Science Spectacular. Learn More

Science Spectacular

The Science Spectacular is the cornerstone event from the Scituate STEAM Collaborative, highlighting STEAM projects created during the year as well as offering a number of community and student lead exhibits.
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Our programs fill up quickly!

When a program opens, the number of students we can accept is based on the space we have as well as the number of volunteers we have recruited to ensure the safety of the children.  After a program has reached capacity,  we may ask for additional volunteers from the waitlisted families.  If more adults volunteer, then we begin to work through the waitlist.  It’s simple, the more volunteers we have; the more students we can enroll.  Please consider volunteering!

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