Exploration Club

Hands-on experimentation for the youngest students

The Exploration Club is for students in grades K-3, providing fun, hands-on, mentor-led experimentation. This year's two week theme of Music and Architecture will find students interacting with an expert in either field for a short, introductory discussion followed by several hands-on, fun-filled Exploration Stations investigating each concept!


Due to overwhelming demand, we began offering 2 sessions of Exploration Club to accommodate as many students as possible.  Students can be registered for either Session 1 in January or Session 2 in March, but not both. Each Session will explore the same topics; Music for one week and Architecture for the other.

Registration opens on Saturday, December 8th at 9.00am and fills up quick! So come back on 12.08 to make sure you grab your children's spot as quickly as possible!

Please note :: Link will not connect to a live form until 9am Saturday morning.


Exploration Club
Hands On Experiments