A Design and Engineering Challenge

The S-Games is a design and engineering contest for students in grades 6-12. 

The 2018 Challenge was held on Nov 2nd and 3rd. Students were given a brown paper bag with common household items and challenged to build a structure that would protect a raw egg from breaking when tossed. They also had to adhere to the theme "How do you like your eggs?".  Teams had 3 weeks to design, iterate and build their structure.  On Nov 2nd, teams presented their structure to a panel of design judges and received scores for adherence to theme, design/craftsmanship, and spirit/presentation. On Saturday, Nov 3rd, teams put their design to the test with an egg toss competition and were received points for how far they could toss their structure to a teammate without their egg breaking.  During the egg toss, many teammates dropped the structure, and judges determined if the egg was still intact. Many structures protected the raw eggs for multiple drops. 

2018 S-Games Winning Teams

1st Place:  It's a Joke (Dominick Emond, Cody Morrison, Oliver Jones)
2nd Place: Alien Space Animals (Allen Hale, Avery Browne, Sam Lauer)
3rd Place: Wildcats (Chase Bissell, Tyler Morrison)
Race Course:  Unicorns (Ira Zhusti and Sophie Derr) 
Design: Champions (David Murphy, Paul Cheverie, Ned Finkel)
Spirit: GOAT (Allie Ryan, Clara Adams, Amelia DiCosimo)

2017 Challenge:

The 2017 competition was held on October 20 and 21st, 2017.  Students were given a bag of common household items such as tape, popsicle sticks, ribbon, wax paper, paint, and plastic gloves and challenged to build a watertight bucket adhering to the theme “Old Oaken Bucket”.  Teams had 3 weeks to work on their bucket and were offered 2 workshops in which to obtain guidance from mentors.  Teams received scores for design/craftsmanship, adherence to theme, and spirit/presentation during the design presentations, and amount of water moved during the race competition. 

2017 S-Games Winning Teams

1st Place: Lucky Buckets (Wesley Hine and Riley Nidositko)
2nd Place: Unicorns (Ira Zhusti and Sophie)
3rd Place: Cheeto Air (Carolina Loeffel and Natalie Naylor)
Race Course: Bucket Heads (Kevin Nisbet)
Artistic Design: Whirlybirds (Shannon Logan, Darcy Milligan, Hannah Gilmore)
Thematic Design: It's a Joke (Dominick Emond, Cody Morrison, Oliver Jones)
Spirit: Udderly Awesome (Joey Brown, Julia Loughlin, Grace Dunning)

2018 S-GAMES