Hands on team-based learning 

The STEAMteam is a junk box wars challenge open to students in grades 4-5. 

The 2018 STEAMteam was held on October 17th and 24th. Students received a bag of common craft materials (craft sticks, pipe cleaners, balloons, straws, mesh ribbon, twine, feathers, mini pom-poms, etc) and were tasked to design and build something that would protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped.  Students dropped their structure and egg from the stairs starting at 18 inches. After a failed drop (where the egg broke), students re-designed their structure and tried again. One team was able to drop their structure/egg 16 feet before the egg broke!  

Read about the 2017 challenge:

Students gathered for a JUNKBOX WARS challenge, where they were given a box of random materials such as styrofoam trays, cups, pipe cleaners, coffee filters, tape, and tin foil and challenged to build a boat. Students tested how well their boat "sailed" and how buoyant it was in water. Students made many modifications to their boats and will present their findings of which materials and design worked best at the upcoming Scituate Science Spectacular.